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  1. Strom made a lot of friends and a lot of enemies.
  2. Comics have pounced on the Bob-and-Strom pairing.
  3. Strom Thurmond _ God bless him at 93 _ is vulnerable.
  4. Everyone thinks Strom is supposed to die with his boots on.
  5. At this point, they might as well run Strom Thurmond.
  6. Chairman George Orban added the title of CEO carried by Strom.
  7. _19 . " Strom Thurmond : Intelligent Quotes"
  8. By STEPHANIE STROM ( Distributed by New York Times Special Features)
  9. McCain wrote to committee chairman Strom Thurmond, a fellow Republican.
  10. Strom, 96, wasn't born in this country.

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