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  1. After Fatora is rescued, the princess ungratefully admonishes Ura and threatens to punish him.
  2. Despite Eunice being Mama's only child willing to care for her, Mama ungratefully treats her the worst.
  3. When she refuses, he ungratefully sells her as a slave to the captain of a ship who also attempts to seduce her.
  4. "Seize the Day " _ ungratefully summed up New York as a " foreign city of no known country ."
  5. Before long, however, his cousins, very ungratefully made a conspiracy among themselves and stealthily coming to the capital attempted to seize him.
  6. Nationalists developed narratives about their nations being Antemurale Christianitatis who protect the West from the invasion of Islam, while the West ungratefully forgets this fact.
  7. PGA star Curtis Strange criticized Tiger for ungratefully spurning an invitation that had been extended to help him get into the groove of the tour as quickly as possible.
  8. According to this interpretation, the Republic was ungratefully throwing over its former ally who ( in its own view, at least ) had helped the Dutch to prosperity.
  9. She does indeed this sort of thing so superlatively well that one is ungratefully tempted to wish she would do something just a little well different, even if less well ."
  10. Livy thought that Appius Claudius did not write the letter, but said that he wanted to send his colleague back to Samnium and felt that he ungratefully denied his need for help.


क्रिया विशेषण.
  1. in an ungrateful manner
    पर्याय: unappreciatively, unappreciatively
  2. in an ungrateful manner
    पर्याय: unappreciatively, unappreciatively

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