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  1. "It's unsatisfying and ungratifying by its nature.
  2. It was, to put it mildly, an ungratifying experience all the way around,
  3. He has to steel us for a different kind of campaign, one that is relatively slow, relatively invisible and relatively ungratifying.
  4. Many singers consider the opera, which Strauss wrote in 1924 and called a " bourgeois comedy with symphonic interludes, " vocally ungratifying.
  5. Katie Finneran brings a raspy Jean Hagen quality to Appassionata von Climax, the kept woman of the corrupt industrialist General Bullmoose, an ungratifying role played here by David Ogden Stiers.
  6. If I go out with someone with a checklist of must have this, that or the other, that is kind of cold, and a relationship coming out of that could be emotionally ungratifying,
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