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  1. So there was a kind of vagabondage even within the neighborhood.
  2. This political climate exacerbated Tsuji's urges towards vagabondage:
  3. Ms . Dilly's character is a tramp only because she likes a life of care-free vagabondage.
  4. Other crimes reported include; arson, vagabondage, suicide, desertion, fraud, sacrilege, and disturbing the peace.
  5. The Gonin Gumi were primarily aimed at combating the vagabondage and brigandage of the time, including mutual defence against the rMnin.
  6. Hence at the end of the fifteenth and during the whole of the sixteenth centuries, a bloody legislation against vagabondage was enforced throughout Western Europe.
  7. Istrati's travels were marked by two successive unhappy marriages, a brief return to Romania in 1915 when he tried to earn his living as a vagabondage.
  8. Two years after the Act of 1576 was passed into law, yet more dramatic changes were made to the methods to fight vagabondage and to provide relief to the poor.
  9. He developed a reflection on space which he continued in his work on nomadism ( " Du Nomadisme, Vagabondages initiatiques ", La Table ronde, 1997 ).
  10. Thereafter the once prolific Tsuji gave up his writing career, and he returned to his custom of vagabondage in the fashion of a KomusM monk, apparently as a sort of Nekkhamma.

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