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  1. The Weald was pig-fattening and cattle-grazing country.
  2. Five railways once crossed the Weald, now reduced to three.
  3. Well-known Long distance footpaths criss-cross the Weald.
  4. Rolvenden is in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  5. During World War II it was used to billet Weald aerodromes.
  6. It was a satellite airfield for RAF North Weald in Essex.
  7. Experiments were now carried out around Romney Marsh and the Weald.
  8. The Low Weald has an undulating, well-wooded character.
  9. He then taught at Harrow Weald Grammar School, in Middlesex.
  10. Fraser is a right-handed Harrow Weald Sixth Form College.


  1. an area of open or forested country

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