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  1. The combined port anchor windlass and winch of the modern ferry.
  2. The bed is rolled under the platen, using a windlass mechanism.
  3. "Windlass " operated locally out of Norfolk into 1955.
  4. The windlass is now on display at Chesterfield Museum and Art Gallery.
  5. The capstans and windlasses to exert pressure on the pomace.
  6. The oak bar is raised by several men turning a winch or windlass.
  7. A direct acting steam windlass and capstan was fitted on the forecastle head.
  8. Lifting was performed by two men using a windlass.
  9. Windlasses were going in all directions, tents erected in every available spot.
  10. New regulations requiring working windlasses are being developed.


  1. lifting device consisting of a horizontal cylinder turned by a crank on which a cable or rope winds
    पर्याय: winch

के आस-पास के शब्द

  1. winding up the affairs
  2. winding-clothes
  3. winding-sheet
  4. windings
  5. windjammer
  6. windless
  7. windlessness
  8. windmill
  9. windmill hill culture
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