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  1. Toms said, referring to the sunny, almost windless day.
  2. On a sunny windless day, temperatures can reach up to.
  3. This would allow for one week of overcast and windless conditions.
  4. Unlike the previous games, the weather was warm and windless.
  5. The plane approached Pittsburgh in windless, cloudless skies with excellent visibility.
  6. All prospered in the windless, perfect conditions of the seaside course.
  7. The hot, dry relatively windless weather was beneficial to the Americans.
  8. Conditions at the course were windless, overcast and muggy.
  9. But it was warm and windless on the opening day.
  10. The weather was good and windless when Miura was atop the mountain,


  1. without or almost without wind; "he prefers windless days for playing golf"

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