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  1. Note that'durwan'means housekeeper in both Bengali and Hindi.
  2. The short story concludes as the residents throw out Boori Ma s belongings and begin a search for a'real durwan '.
  3. Boori Ma is a feeble 64-year-old woman from Calcutta who is the stairsweeper, or durwan, of an old brick building.
  4. The entrance of the campus is marked with a small guard house on the left . On the wall of the guard room is a plaque dedicated to durwan ( guard ) Ram Eqbal Singh, who died defending the institute from the rioters.
  5. In this story, Ms . Lahiri relies far too much on coincidence to propel her characters'lives forward, and two of the stories set in India ( " A Real Durwan " and " The Treatment of Bibi Haldar " ) also suffer from a certain folk-tale contrivance that results in overly neat, moralistic endings.

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