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  1. It also has been ascribed medicinal qualities similar to dandelion and succory.
  2. Sources in English sometimes refer to this species as "'yellow succory " '.
  3. In traditional medicine, the plant has medicinal qualities, having " nearly the same properties as dandelion and succory ".
  4. :" The Double Catholicon of Nicolai, or Compound Electuary of Rhubarb, prepared by simmering over a slow fire half a pound of polypody root; 2 ounces of succory root; 1 ounce of liquorice root; 3 ounces of the leaves of agrimony and spleen wort; 6 pounds of water till reduced two-thirds; then add 6 drachms [ 3 / 4 ounce ] of fennel-seeds, strain and add 4 pounds of sugar, boil to the consistence of syrup, and add 4 ounces each of extract of cassia and pulp of tamarinds.

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