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  1. Remove, and invite the troops to share the succulence.
  2. Their high fat content gives them added succulence and flavor.
  3. Overcook it, and you lose the fat and succulence.
  4. Sentiment, it appears, triumphs over lack of succulence.
  5. Water storage in swollen parts of the plant is known as succulence.
  6. Dungeness will maintain its distinctive succulence for three days if well-iced.
  7. Those who seek the juicy succulence of most heirloom tomatoes might find zebras lacking.
  8. Those who sent recipes extolled their own methods and swear by the resulting succulence.
  9. The last has a succulence about it, with a sweet, creamy aftertaste.
  10. Their succulence and deep, earthy flavor do not limit their appeal to Asian dishes.
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