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  1. She was conceived when Nightmare raped a succubus named Zhilla Char.
  2. She appears in DmC : Devil May Cry as the succubus Poison.
  3. Satan demanded that the eldest daughter of each generation become a succubus.
  4. Alvin dismisses Martha's claims that Lisa is subsequently a succubus.
  5. This type of female ghost is likened to the Succubus.
  6. Ellie is a disgraced succubus befriended by the notorious occultist John Constantine.
  7. Maeve is a young succubus who hasn't yet gotten her license.
  8. This book was published by Succubus Press in 2004.
  9. Sabine was revealed as a succubus nearly six hundred strips after her debut.
  10. Lucifera is a demoness / succubus dedicated to fighting the forces of Goodness.
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