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  1. Otacon had developed a strong attraction to FOXHOUND member Sniper Wolf.
  2. Further infusion of Foxhound blood was necessary following World War II.
  3. Pfetten was elected President of the International Foxhound Association in 2012.
  4. One recent New World epidemic concerns foxhounds in the USA.
  5. Robert Dixon from Patterdale was killed while following foxhounds on the ridge.
  6. Studbooks for the English foxhound have been kept since the 18th century.
  7. English Foxhounds were usually imported to India for the purpose.
  8. Nearly a dozen large foxhounds bayed deafeningly at the tree's base.
  9. The Master of Foxhounds association lists 179 active hunts as of February 2013.
  10. An elite special forces unit, FOXHOUND contains experts specializing in unique tasks.

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