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  1. Sometimes it works, sometimes he should play with more foxiness . . ..
  2. Now to the impact of the Impeachment-Eve Desert Foxiness on Clinton's personal fortunes.
  3. It has small fruit clusters with small berries that do not have the pronounced'foxiness'of other " V . labrusca " grapes.
  4. Its phylloxera resistance led to its being planted in small amounts in the eastern Alps, although it imparts a pronounced foxiness and dark red colour to wine made from its juice.
  5. The flavor of most " grape-flavor " stuff, including sodas and medicines, is called " foxiness " and is a very good approximation of what Concord grapes taste like.
  6. The irrepressible Roger Ailes, head of Fox News, is chortling, declaring that in its " desperation " to add some Fox-like foxiness to its more staid network, CNN overreached.
  7. As played with wild-eyed foxiness by Bill Pullman, Zero is a wealthy recluse living in a penthouse on canned soup and tuna fish, whacking tunelessly at his guitar and occasionally calming down enough to play detective.
  8. Ulysses Prentiss Hedrick, in " Grapes of New York ", stated that the fruit is at its best before it fully ripens, acquiring an unpleasant degree of foxiness if allowed to hang on the vine too long.
  9. The grapes are used to make wines including dry, sweet, icewine but is famed for spicy sparkling wines that do not have much of the objectionable foxiness character that other " V . labrusca " grapes contribute to their wines.
  10. Just I urge you to see and also the Administrators who join how Biruitorul is again and again coining and try to mislead all the community, his persistent foxiness and modus operandum is again against Wikietiquette and good faith ( and as he proves, he is continuing to tracking the users he did not like instaead of quality editing ).

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