foxing मीनिंग इन हिंदी

foxing उदाहरण वाक्य
धूर्त व्यक्ति
कपटी व्यक्ति
धूर्त व्यक्ति
समझने में नहीं आना
लोमड़ी का चर्म
चालाक औरत

चकत्‍ता पडना
भूरा पडना
भूरे धब्बे
धोखा देना
पशोपेश में डालना
समझने में नहीं आना
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उदाहरण वाक्य

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  1. Foxing will be touring with Balance & Composure in October & November 2016.
  2. These contaminants often acted as catalysts for oxidation that have been implicated in foxing.
  3. Flutie was Jerry out-foxing Tom.
  4. An excellent-rated card should have no creasing, foxing, bent or torn corners.
  5. Suiza follows in her " Rascal ", and is hidden by Koutsoudas foxing the scans aboard Livadhi's cruiser.
  6. The validity of subspecies needs to be verified using freshly caught birds and / or molecular data, as specimens are prone to foxing quickly.
  7. It's pricier than standard board, but it will help prevent paper from foxing, little rust marks that show up when there is slight moisture.
  8. Prints may have stains, foxing, wormholes, tears, creases, or dogmarks, the colours may have faded, or they may have been retouched.
  9. "I love old books, " says Anderson, " and the discolorations and the ` foxing .'That's the color I wanted for the parlor.
  10. "The pro-am guys I played with probably think I was foxing now but I can assure you I wasn't, " said Robinson, who had physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory drugs before starting Thursday.

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