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  1. For generations, Yangshuo fishermen have relied on the sleek, oily-feathered and foxily fast birds to catch fish in the Li.
  2. At the insistence of Grant, Drake was subsequently signed to a romantic comedy " Every Girl Should Be Married " ( 1948 ) . " New York Times " film critic Bosley Crowther called her performance  foxily amusing.
  3. ::-So, regardless how desperately you try to wash yourself out, you are the one who is REJECTING communication and REJECTS to follow Wikipedia guidelines, meanwhile you foxily try to avoid to face the problems your created with your behavior!
  4. ::-You are again foxily deteriorating the attention by quoting solved earlier cases and discussions in the talk page has nothing to do with this, you cannot hide that you removed WP : RS with an disruptive aim, ignoring good faith and consensus building.
  5. As the expiring star of the movie he has turned his life into, Hackman's veteran is foxily amusing, accustomed to star treatment ( although it has been years since he has been a star ) and easily the shrewdest of the three, the one who cheats at solitaire and plays things closest to the vest.
  6. Back in the mid-1980s, when she was in her early 20s, Sheedy seemed like a sure-fire star in the churning _ from the girl-next-door ideal in " WarGames " to the foxily frumpy screwball in " The Breakfast Club " to the only appealing character in the Brat-Packed " St . Elmo's Fire ."
  7. It is true the the Administrator wrote this on that talk page, BUT, Biruitorul foxily spares that this station was not right, since no canvassing happenned, since the editors who have been invited were one Croatian editor interested in history, and two other Hungarian editors that have adequate knowledge on the subject and for an objective opinion everyone was invited from the different sides, and this was also to told to the current Administrator and nothing happened since it was true.

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